Transnational Business Attorneys Group

Since 1994

Business Development

Although legal representation was the base from which the TBA Group grew into an international practice, today it offers much more than purely legal services. Through its many representations spanning more than a decade, the Group realized that its clients could benefit from assistance not only during a legal emergency, but also during the creation and expansion of their businesses. It was in recognition of this need that the TBA Group created its Business Development & Strategy practice. As has come to be expected from the TBA Group, the Business Development & Strategy practice employs a transnational approach to advising individuals on the creation of new businesses, as well as assisting in growing or streamlining the operations of existing corporations.

The transnational focus of the TBA Group offers unique opportunities to international businesspeople looking to create a new business. Our Legal Services attorneys, the Business Development & Strategy team regularly assists clients in the identification and realization of such businesses opportunities worldwide. Whether you wish to incorporate a new business, acquire an existing business or enter into a joint venture, our global network of affiliates page will help you identify and explore the intricacies of potential markets. The sourcing of former and current TBA Group clients will help your business identify potential partners and customers. Our due diligence practice will protect your investment and intellectual property rights. And our skilled legal professionals can draft and file all the documents necessary to develop your new enterprise consistent with the law – and in the language of – whatever country you choose for your investment. This integrated package of services is designed to eliminate the uncertainty associated with an international investment, create a strong legal and financial foundation from which the business is run, and allow the businessperson to concentrate on realizing his or her profit.

The same advantages to retaining the TBA Group for the creation of a new business apply to established corporations seeking to expand operations. A company establishing a franchise or branch office in a new market with the help of our Group will benefit from our knowledgeable affiliates and association with our network of satisfied clients, as well as the protection of our due diligence and legal service packages. For example, the TBA Group will source clients to increase market access and to develop a client base for the new franchise or branch. TBA Group can also advise on ways to help protect your assets from expropriation, theft of intellectual property, political risk, and attachment of legal liability. In addition, the TBA Group offers immigration services that will allow your business to make a seamless transition into its new market.

The TBA Group is capable of advising your company from its inception, through its growing pains, and representing it should problems arise. We encourage you to contact us should you wish to develop a business or strategize about taking a transnational approach to your next investment.

We work closely with Sunbelt Brokers, a national, full service business brokerage firm. If you seek to acquire a small to medium-sized business in the United States, the TBA Group is able to work with you from the beginning of the process through the closing.