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Sameer Jarrah

of Counsel

Sameer Jarrah has a strong (20-year) background in human rights and political reform in the MENA region, and has worked with a number of international and regional organizations. He has lectured in many institutions around the world on topics related to the freedom of expression, freedom of association in the region, freedom of religion, and recently on the Arab Spring. These institutions included Osaka University, Georgetown University, Washington University, the European Union Council, and other regional and international think tanks.

Jarrah has published more than 40 articles and research papers on topics related to freedom of expression, freedom of association in the region, freedom of religion, criminal justice, transitional justice, and recently on the Arab Spring. In 2001 he founded an NGO—the Arab World Center for Democratic Development and Human Rights. He has also worked with Freedom House as a highly effective representative of the Human Rights Defenders Fund in the Middle East, and was Freedom House’s Regional Director for the MENA region for six years.

Jarrah has served on many national, regional, and international investigatory fact-finding missions and election-monitoring missions, namely Yemen, Azerbaijan, Morocco, Jordan, and Egypt. He was a Protection Officer, Human Rights Officer, and Liaison Officer with the UNHCR in Jordan and regionally. 

Jarrah has been a participant in many international and regional networking forums in North Africa and the Middle East.  He has managed programs funded by numerous international foundations, including USAID, DRL, UNDP, NED, SIDA and the European Union. Jarrah is a member of the International Law Association’s Committee on International Human Rights Law and Practice, and a co-founder of Al Kawakibi Center for Democratic Transition. He has served on the International Steering Committee of the Council for a Community of Democracies and the Network of Democrats in the Arab World since 2005. He is the co-founder and Member of the Board of the Democracy and Development committee at the Brookings institution. Lastly, he also serves on the Arab Network for Good Governance.  In 2007, Jarrah received the Advocate of the Year award from Street Law, a non-profit organization that educates people about law, democracy, and human rights.  He was the first Ted Patkin Fellow At the Brookings institution.